Kája Curtis Photography

“Amadeus“ dress rehearsal time.  The opening night – June 30, 2017 at The Estates Theatre, Prague.

Role: Teresa Salieri












2017. June. Martin Gross-Eliza Roth reunion. I stepped out of Prague and headed west to meet my friend whom I torture every little once in a while with needing him to take pictures of m.e. … The homage to the late Olbram Zoubek, contemporary Czech sculptor and designer, hidden in some of those photographs.



2015. Katka Sail, the photographer, and Wendy Milne squatted for a couple of hours with me and made these photos look so … je ne sais quoi!




Back in the time, it was the year 2014. Martin, the photographer, and me were strolling in the beautiful Prague streets and the studio work afterwards. And yes, a Lili confession of Marleene Dietrich adoration is there..somewhere.